Ever wondered what the reading skill of your own child is?

Are they improving their reading skills?

Do they have any reading problems?

What are schools doing to resolve this problem?

With the support of numerous studies done on the topic, the news & social media report that today’s learners’ have appalling reading skills. When learners are not up to their expected reading levels, this contributes to poor learner performance in all subjects.

RyVa Academy has addressed these problems for Grades 1 to 7 with their Stimulus Maksima!® Computer Aided Education Programme, which is a market leader providing a holistic approach to these challenges.

The Self-remedial Reading Programme includes the bridging phase of “Learn-to-Read” & is uniquely designed to improve overall reading skills & speed, spelling, comprehension & language rules, enabling learners to overcome any obstacle preventing them from achieving their full potential in any subject.

​The unique Maths Programme is one of the only programs in the world that does diagnostic testing. It focuses on improving Mental Arithmetic & Curriculum Exercises & is aligned with the existing curriculum. It is the perfect solution for on-going daily Maths problems.

​The holistic approach to lesson presentations is based on labour therapeutic principles which are integrated into the lesson flow with the use of unique techniques & methods. The goal is to address every skill needed to become a successful reader.