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What is the language of instruction at the school?

The school is an English medium private school, however all our teachers are bilingual.

Is the school registered with the Department of Education?

Yes, the school was established in January 2014 and is fully registered with the Department of Education.

Is the school accredited by Umalusi, Council for Quality Assurance ?

Yes, the school is provisionally accredited by Umalusi, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training.

How big are the teaching classes?

The classes are limited to 15 to 20 learners per class.

Where can I obtain an enrolment form?

An enrolment form can be downloaded from this website under the Enrolement tab, or can be emailed to you, or can be collected from the school.

What is required for enrolment?

An enrolment form needs to be fully completed, signed where required, and returned to the school with all the supporting documents required on the cover page of the form, via email or delivered to the school. Once approved, the registration and first month’s school fees need to be paid before the learner can attend the classes.

Is registration required every year with another registration payment?

Re-registration is required every year, but no re-registration fees need to be paid after the first year.

Does the school supply text books & stationery?

No, the school does not. However, a list of the text books and stationery for each grade is provided, which the parents need to purchase themselves.

Can I buy the uniform from the school?

The school does not supply any of the uniform. A list is of the uniform requirements is provided, for the parents to purchase wherever they prefer to.

Where do I buy the uniform badges?

Badges for the pockets of the uniform can be purchased from the school.

Does the school provide transport for my child?

The school does not provide transport. A list of suggested transporters is available from the school which the parent can contact personally.

Are school fees payable in advance or in arrears?

All registration and school fees are payable strictly in advance before the 1st of every month.

How often do the school fees increase?

The fees are adjusted annually, usually at the beginning of each academic year.

How do I pay my registration fees and school fees?

All fees can be paid at the school in cash, or via the school’s card swipe speedpoint, or at the bank, or via EFT payments online. All payments need your child’s name and surname as a reference.

What is included in the school fees?

The monthly school fees include a full-day school programme with aftercare till 5pm latest, lunch, a computer aided education programme from Grade 1 upwards, athletics and selected additional activities. 

Can I sign a debit order with the school for my school fees?

No, the school does not have debit order facilities. A stop order form is available from the school for the parent to complete and submit to their bank for loading against their bank account. Remember to adjust this stop order at your bank when the fees increase annually.

Are penalties charged for the late collection of learners, and for late payments?

Yes, a late collection penalty is charged for the collection of children after 5pm, and also for any late payments after the due date.